NatIgGs GmbH


NatIgGs GmbH is a biotech company aimed at identifying and developing antibody candidates to treat age-related diseases (e.g: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc.,). NatIgGs focuses on an entirely new approach based on recent advancements in single B-cell and artificial intelligence/machine learning technology. The source of these therapeutic antibodies is healthy human sera. NatIgGs integrates human single B-cell technology, strong know-how on protein misfolding (synthetic peptides and post-mortem diseased brains), and machine learning tools into a single platform.




Life Science

Die Mitglieder der Startup-Region Ulm
Karthik Balakrishnan holds a Ph.D (Dr. rer. nat) in human biology and has been involved in discovering and developing antibodies that could potentially slow down Alzheimer's disease. With the field's strong know-how and experts in his network, he has established the company to find antibodies for a broad range of CNS diseases.